Applications of MNR Spectroscopy in the Solid State

Applications of MNR Spectroscopy in the Solid State -  - 9788400105143

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This book provides a particular approach to the application of NMR spectroscopy for the characterization of structural and behavioral aspects of solids with the aim of resolving details at the local scale.
The book is divided in four parts.
The first part is dedicated to a basic and general theoretical background on the technique.
The next section consist of five chapters on the contribution of NMR in the study of crystalline and non-crystalline solids, including minerals, ceramics, cements, glasses and glass-ceramics, in order to explore the local structure in that variety of natural and synthetic materials.
The third part deals with materials and compounds of interest in catalysis, energy production, transformation, storage and related applications.
Finally, the fourth section focuses on the characterization of active pharmaceutical ingredients, polymers and solid proteins.
Aimed at dissemination of solid state NMR, this volume is an essential reading for researchers and students of solid-state science, but also a very useful instrument for academic teaching.
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