Secret London "an unusual guide"

; Bill Nash
Secret London an unusual guide -  - 9782361953645
EAN: 9782361953645
Editado por: Jonglez Publishing
Materia: Viajes - Turismo
Publicado el: 7 Enero 2020
Nº Edición: 1
Nº páginas: 393
Encuadernación: Rústica
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Disponible en la librería en la planta semisótano (Viajes)

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Where can you peer inside Richard Burton’s tent? Whatever happened to Bedlam? Where can you praise God, buy meatballs and have a sauna? What’s in the House of Dreams? What’s growing quietly under your feet? What’s the trick to instant weight loss? Far from the crowds and the usual clichés, London offers countless off-beat experiences and is home to any number of well-hidden treasures that are revealed only to residents and travellers who find their way off the beaten track. An indispensable guide for those who thought they knew London well or would like to discover the other face of the city. Secret London – An unusual guide is the original and still the best of all the many alternative London guides: accept no imitation.Authors Rachel Howard and Bill Nash have prowled the city streets, seeking out the hidden, eccentric and overlooked. The definitive insider’s guide to London.