Chainsaw man Vol.3

Chainsaw man -  - 9781974709953

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Broke young man + chainsaw demon = Chainsaw Man!
Denji was a small-time devil hunter just trying to survive in a harsh world. After being killed on a job, he is revived by his pet devil Pochita and becomes something new and dangerous Chainsaw Man!
A mysterious devil is demanding Denji's heart! But will the devil hunters from Division 4 agree to this deal to save themselves? Or will Denji have to do what Denji does best turn into a chainsaw and carve up everything that gets in his way?!

EAN: 9781974709953
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Materia: Comic - Otros idiomas , Lecturas en idiomas-Literatura infantil y juvenil
Idioma: Inglés
Publicado el: 9 Febrero 2021
Nº Edición: 1
Nº páginas: 1901
Encuadernación: Rústica
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