Civilwarland in Bad Decline

Civilwarland in Bad Decline -  - 9781784871291
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Materia: Lecturas en inglés
Publicado el: 16 Junio 2020
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Encuadernación: Rústica

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In his first collection, George Saunders' vision of our near future is as black and funny as you can get. He takes us on a trip to the shopping malls and theme parks and enviromental hazards that lie just around the chronological corner, introducing us to gang of misfits and losers struggling to survive in an increasingly haywire world. Bizarre but familiar, fierce but always humane, these are stunningly original stories by a master of the form.

"Saunders is a morally passionate, serious writer, who perfectly expresses the madness of the times we live in. He will be read long after these times have passed". (Zadie Smith).

"He makes the all-but-impossible look effortless. We're lucky to have him". (Jonathan Franzen).

"There is no-one better, no-one more essential". (Dave Eggers).